A Tragic Ending for Jomari in the Finale of 'Tanging Yaman'!

As "Tanging Yaman" bid farewell yesterday, another friend whom we used to love also had his goodbye. It was such an unexpected ending that happened on this Enrich teleserye! We all failed to see a happy ending for Fina (Erih Gonzales) and Jomari (Enchong Dee).

But the good thing was that, Jomari sacrificed his own life just to save Fina. A gunshot from his father (Leo Martinez) which is supposed to be for Fina killed this boy-next door Jomari.

A tragic and a bitter-sweet ending! These maybe the words to describe this romantic socio-political teleserye. But watching it in your own self, how can you judge its final battle?!

Well, here is the final episode of "Tanging Yaman". Watch it yourself!

Though Jomari was the first one to depart, the rest of the characters spent their lives peacefully!

After two years, Fina finally moved on! She already accepted the truth that Jomari was not anymore with them! Isabel (Melissa Ricks) and Matt Evan's character finally got married and raised their own child. Mylene Dizon's character also got married! President Policarpio (Roel Santiago) spend his life serving the country!

And for Fina and Ejay Falcon's character, an open-ended relationship marked our minds! Now that Jomari was already death, is there a chance between he and Fina?! Well, I'm leaving you that question! Make your own conclusion! Summing all, "Tanging Yaman" made a great unexpected ending! Good one! C",)

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