The Story of 'Impostor'

What is in the story of this so-called Precious Hears Romances Presents "Impostor"?!

Like I've told you, I will provide you a quick synopsis of this new romance story in PHR that will open today in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic. Let us see how the story will go:

Once dreaming to be beautiful, Devin didn't expect that one day she will stand in front of a mirror with the face of one of the most gorgeous woman that she idolizes - the famous model: Mariz Florencio.

But it's not only the face of Mariz that she must wear, even Mariz's personality, name and whole being in order for Devin to fulfill an agreement and escape those who are trying to kill her.

In the process of pretending to be Mariz, Devin will again cross paths with the man of her dreams: Anthony Florencio - the husband of Mariz. What Devin wasn't expecting was by wearing the face of Mariz she will be met with anger and divorce papers by Anthony. She knew then that by consenting to the agreement it is also her duty to fix the life and family that is now hers as Mariz.

Now that Devin is falling for Anthony and Anthony is learning to love Mariz again, Devin will slowly let go of her character as Mariz that is full of lies, deceit and revenge; she has her own life and world to return to.

Looks exciting huh?! It will definitely catch every viewers heart! Another sure 'kilig' hit in TV from the bestselling pocketbook! C",)

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