The Original 'Elias Paniki' (Movie Version)

This coming Saturday, the new generation of "Agimat", the fourth 'tagapagmana' is ready to conquer our TV screen. After "Tonyong Bayawak", here comes Jake Cuenca as the new "Elias Paniki"!

But before we see this new remake in a TV series, do you already saw its original movie version which was starred by Agimat King Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr.?

Well for this special post, I will let you see the original movie version of Ramon Revilla's "Elias Paniki". It was a 1989 hit movie!

So let's all sit back, relax, and see this classic movie...the original "Elias Paniki"! Enjoy! C",)

Did you enjoy this good old movie?! It's very nice! Did you know that I remember my childhood days, when I was kid with this movie?! And I remember my father who already passed away four years ago. He loved to watch this kind of movies specially the action ones!

So this coming Saturday, get ready to see the brand new, our today's generation of "Elias Paniki" now in the person of the hunk Jake Cuenca! Let see how the new one differs from the original! C",)

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