Entering the Mysterious World of 'Elias Paniki'!

After Gerald Anderson, Jolo Revilla, and Coco Martin, here comes the hunk commercial model actor Jake Cuenca completing the first batch of the hit top-rated 'Agimat' series!

Jake Cuenca is now this generation's "Elias Paniki"! This coming Saturday, let us all enter into a mysterious world of "Elias Paniki" and join him as he fights for the wicked witches (mangkukulam)!

The tale of "Elias Paniki" revolves around Elias who, after being trained by Victor, a soldier, is given the “bertud ng paniki”. With its extraordinary powers, he uses the amulet to fight off the mangkukulam which is feared to have returned. Thus, his journey as Elias Paniki begins!

"Elias Paniki" was one of the hit movie of Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. The original movie version of it was titled "Ang Mahiwagang Mundo ni Elias Paniki"! On my recent post, I have shared with your the full-length original movie vesion of it starring Ramon Revilla Sr. If you are curious to see how the original movie poster looked like, well take a glance on the second picture above!

In this fourth "Agimat" series, Jake Cuenca will be paired with the gorgeous PBB-Double Up Housemate Ms. Sam Pinto. Also together with them is the other PBB-Double Up Housemate, the sexy-hunk Hermes Bautista!

Completing the other persons around Elias were Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, Jojit Lorenzo, Kelly Misa, and Xian Lim!

Back to back with the"Tonyong Bayawak" finale, "Agimat Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla" presents "Elias Paniki" pilot episode will be this coming Saturday on ABS-CBN's top-rated Yes Weekend Primetime Sabado block! I will sure not miss it...!!! C",)

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