"Ang Natatanging Pagtatapos" in 'Tanging Yaman'

The political inspired with a touch of romance "Tanging Yaman" will take its final bow this Friday! As they termed: "ang natatanging pagtatapos", how will the story ends? Will if be another tragic finale or a romantic conclusion for Fina (Erich Gonzales) and Jomari (Enchong Dee)? Why is it called as such?!

On the recent episodes, we all witnessed that Leo Martinez who plays as the villain in the administration of Roel Santiago escaped from the jail. He promised a tragic vengeance to his enemies who putted him in prison.

Fina and her auntie Marina (Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson) had been kidnapped with the unknown persons!

How will Fina and Marina escaped this tragedy? Who will save their lives?!

And of course the main question to all of us is that, who will sacrifice his life? Who will die in the end of the story?!

And for the love story we avidly watch in this soap, will there will be a 'happy' ending for Fina and Jomari? When will they have their final love bow?

It's really a must-see ending this will be on Friday in Primetime Bida! As our National Election was recently concluded, all of us will be much related to this top-rating TV series! Good job Erich and Enchong as well as to the rest of the cast! C",)

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