Serial Killing in the Last Episodes of 'Habang May Buhay'!

The so-called 'nurserye' "Habang May Buhay" of the teleserye queen Judy Ann Santos is about to face its final destiny!

And before its finale, series of killings of each characters will about to happen!

On the teaser of the final episodes of this TV series, we all witnessed that one by one, each characters were killed! We didn't know who the killer is. But last night the supposed to be 'mystery killer' was revealed!

Yeah, it was the Primera Kontrabida, Gladys Reyes playing the wicked role of Dra. Clarissa Briones is the actual killer!

At first, she had an encounter with Jane (Judy Ann Santos) in the hospital when she tried to kill the nurse. But Jane was stronger than her so her head bumped to the wall leaving her bloody!

Clarissa was brought in the hospital. She pretended that she was comatose! But actually, she did it so that she can do her great revenge to kill all the love ones of Jane!

Last night, Clarissa's first victim was her former boyfriend (DJ Durano). He was killed inside the jail!

On the succeeding nights, next inline to die were Rose (Gina Alejar), the nurses, friends of Jane, Sam's Dad, Tetchie Agbayani, and David (Derek Ramsey)!'s gonna be tragic nights in the last days of this Primetime drama series! A simple drama now turns into a big suspense thriller! Will Clarissa become victorious this time?! We'll see...! C",)

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