'PBB Teen Clash of 2010' Evicted Two Male Housemates!

Two teen hunks were the very first evictees from the Pinoy Big Brother House for this Teen Clash Edition.

The gorgeous"Lakan Ng Samar" and the "Political Son of Dipolog" had their exit from Kuya's house.

Romeo “Potz” Jalosjos III

Maichel Fideles

Maichel Fideles was earlier given a forced eviction due to a series of house rules violations. For his short stay in the house, he committed different violations and seems that he is not listening to Kuya's instructions. Therefore this lead him to a force eviction! To note, Maichel was the second housemate from Samar who was given a force eviction. Tom Mott or better known now as Tom Rodriguez was the first one during their Double-Up Season.

On the other hand, "Potz" or Romeo Jalosjos III got the lowest number of votes. Right after the exit of Maichel last Saturday, he was the one who followed via normal voting.

Here is the percentage voting last Saturday during the First Eviction Night for your reference:

1. Tricia Santos – 41.48%
2. Eslove Briones – 21.20%
3. Patrick Sugui – 16.63%
4. Angelo Pasco – 15.16%
5. Romeo “Potz” Jalosjos III – 5.53%
6. Maichel Fideles – forced evicted

This week another new set of nominated housemates will face the threat of leaving the house. Now that the two houses (formerly Villa and Apartment) were merge via "S" Heatwave or the so-called "Summerge", what changes will happen in the relationship of each teen housemates?!

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