Meet the 'Gimik 2010' Freshmen!

The hit youth-oriented barkada 'Gimik' will have its TV comeback this coming Sunday together with its original cast. But, did you know that besides the original cast, there are also new faces that will join the team?!

Yup, you read it read! Three hot new faces will be part of the group. Are you excited to know them?! Well, here they are:

Lance Christopher

Jessy Mendiola

Franco Daza

Lance Christopher will play the role of Dianne (Judy Ann Santos)'s nephew. He is the leader of the G boys. He is the most famous student in their school since he's the captain of the basketball team. He's a middle class person and he's able to study because of his basketball scholarship!

Jessy Mendiola will be the love interest of Lance. She's also a student in Lance's school and will be having a heart-breakup with her boyfriend in the person of Franco.

And Franco Daza is seems to be the 'kontrabida' of the barkada! He's the heart-breaker of Jessy. He was the former BF of Jessy but eventually will broke her heart. He's the enemy of all the G-Boys!

Well are you excited to see them acting in your TV screen?! Definitely it's a big yes! =)

To give further information about these three, Lance planned to apply in the PBB Teen Edition. But then he was eventually became part of the Star Magic Talent. Jessy is already seen in the different TV series in the Kapamilya Network. She is also mistakenly identify as Kristine Hermosa! And of course the hot hunk Franco used to be one of the hot Bench endorser! He wants to take the path of Robin Padilla being the 'bad boy' of Philippine Cinema that's why his role here is a semi-kontrabida!

So let's meet and get to know them more in "Gimik 2010 The Reunion" this Sunday afternoon right after ASAP XV! C",)

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  1. Bagay na bagay talaga kayo lance ni jesse..sana marami pa kayong projects na darating