KIMERALD's First Hottest Scenes

No doubt, Kimerald or the Kim Chiu- Gerald Anderson love team is the hottest love team today! They really dominate them all! TV commercials, top-rating TV series, blockbuster movies, magazine covers, various it, they have! They were really blessed! They were truly the best love team ever!

Even in the poll survey of who is the "hottest loveteam" nowadays, they emerged on top! To give you the percentage result, here is the ranking as of this day (April 13, 2010):

1. Kimerald = 48%
2. Enrich = 22%
3. Melason = 20%
4. Alkris = 6%
5. Mattmel = 2%

To site their other precious contributions in the industry, I have here with you a little trivia about their achievements.

Above were the scenes taken from their previous hit TV series "Tayong Dalawa"! Yup, these were their first-ever love scene on TV.

To note, Kimerald gone too far leaving others behind! Their acting career were really developed into the finest! They got an expertise both in terms of drama, comedy, horror and action! Gerald Anderson really proves that he can go farther than drama. He is also best in different action projects! "Tiyagong Akyat", "Tayong Dalawa", and "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" were some of the TV series wherein he showed his action skills! Of course Kim Chiu also showed that she can be a best drama actress and an effective character actress! Her movie "I Love You Goodbye" proved her acting prowess! Of course, she is also best in comedy as she had shown in their TV series adaptation "My Girl"!

Now they can go bolder! They already given a mature roles! As you can see, they can handle to act in this romantic sexy scenes!

In fact, they were the first ever young love team today who made their sexy or bed scene! The result was really great and artistic! They two were really awesome! They can still go farther! They have the maintaining power!

I really like to reminisce these hottest scenes from Kimerald! At first, they made people shocked but afterward, they gain the ultimate admiration of people! Awesome! Keep it up Kimerald!!! c",)

And of course avid readers, don't forget to keep voting for your favorite and best love team today! Goodluck! c",)

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  1. i love kimerald! they are the hottest and the best!