The Long Wait is Over for Andi Eigenmann in 'Agua Bendita'!

Yup, after month of waiting, the "Agua Bendita" main lead star Andi Eigenmann will finally appear in this top-rated Primetime teleserye!

If we notice, since the beginning of this soap, the young Agua and Bendita (played by the SCQ child Xyreen) didn't yet grow. The story revolved around the young Agua and Bendita. The reason for this long appearance of the child version is that they were able to maintained its lead in the TV rating game both Nationwide and in Mega Manila.

There were also rumors spread that Andi were no longer appear in this soap. Together with her two leading men, Jayson Abalos and Matteo Guidecelli, they will be pulled out from the series and they will be given a new show instead!

But all of these were now cleared! Andi Eigenmann will soon be seen in this top-rated TV series. Proof of this is the latest teaser of "Agua Bendita" which is always shown in ABS-CBN. The teaser shows Andi swimming in a blue sea together with the whale! It sounds that..."malapit mo nang masilayan ang isa sa pinakamagandang-mukha sa Primetime...!"

So, wait no more since this March or in the early part of April, Andi Eigenmann will finally appear in "Agua Bendita"! c",)

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