'Imortal', The Sequel of 'Lobo' Sets Angel-Lloydie Tandem!

The dream tandem of Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is finally set! Finally it was confirmed that these two hottest stars of today's generation will be having their first tapping day for their first-ever TV series together in Primetime Bida.

And their first teleserye together is really extra-ordinary! It's an action-thriller theme soap similar to the "Twilight". But the story and plot is really different from this hit movie. They were the same in a way that this TV series' story is also about the vampires!

Tentatively, the title of this Angel-Lloydie series is "Imortal" (Lobo 2). Yup, they say that this is the sequel of the hit "Lobo" which marked the first team-up of Angel and Piolo in the Kapamilya network. It was also recognized all-over the world and Ms. Angel Locsin was then nominated as Best Actress in this series.

So, to continue the success, they were making a sequel of this series. But then Angel has a new leading man in the person of John Lloyd Cruz. And of course the story is much more different as it tackles the vampire story!

Hmmm...it seems that this is another exciting and a worth-awaiting new TV series to come! Their first tapping day will be on April! Well, I'll gonna wait and watch for it! Great! c",)

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