ABS-CBN Teleseryes Now Air in Different Countries Using Different Languages

As followup to my recent post, here are the different ABS-CBN's teleseryes which were now aired in the different countries worldwide!

Just like what we do with the different Asianovelas, Koreanovelas, or Mexiconovelas wherein we changed their languages to our very own Filipino language to understand by Pinoy viewers, they now did the same! Foreign countries were really, really hooked with our very own made teleseryes!

So to complete your list, here are the ABS-CBN's teleseryes patronized worldwide!

Great! Thanks much to ABS-CBN for providing us a quality TV series like these! With these, we are now recognized internationally. Not only the stars or actors, our country as well as our culture will now be recognized because of this! We can now proudly say that we're really Filipino!

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These teleseryes really make us proud! Good job for Kapamilya station! We were looking forward for more TV series like these which we can exchange worldwide! You're really powerful and dominance in many terms not only in terms of TV Ratings! Great! Great! Great! c",)

(Image Courtesy of: http://kapamilyanewsngayon.blogspot.com)

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