'Panday Kids' Will Kickoff Tonight!

Tonight on GMA Telebabad, another new fantaserye will be aired! And that is "Panday Kids" which was inspired by the hit comic series of Carlo J. Caparas!

So, here is a quick synopsis of the story provided by starmometer.com:

The story of Panday Kids revolves around three ordinary kids prophesied to combat evil and preserve the Panday spirit. It begins after the end of reign of the evil Lizardo in the world. Flavio, the original Panday, was not heard of anymore after defeating his chief nemesis. Tasked to safe keep the sword are the “Eskrimadors,” an order of swordsmen known for their exceptional sword-fighting skills.

The “Eskrimadors” are headed by a teacher who trains the rest of the swordsmen in combat. The teacher chooses Aureus (JC de Vera) as his successor which caught the ire of Cicero (Polo Ravales), another eskrimador who is a descendant of Lizardo. Cicero cut ties with the eskrimadors, starts a revolt and slays the teacher. He still, however, fails to hold possession of the sword which is now under the watch of Aureus.

In another mystical world, Maria Makiling (Iza Calzado), the Queen of the Engkantos, guards the balls representing good and evil. As Cicero carries out his wicked plan, his friend Andreas (Ryan Eigenmann), who is also Maria Makiling’s brother, steals the ball of life from his sister.

Together, Andreas and Cicero intend to resurrect Lizardo (Marvin Agustin) by using the ball. Left with no choice but to counter impending chaos, Maria Makiling instructs Aureus to find new heroes worthy enough to fight Lizardo.

Aureus prepares a ritual to separate the Panday sword into three shards. The broken shards choose their rightful heirs in the person of three ordinary kids.

First to be chosen is Oliver (Buboy Villar), a mischievous but nice kid. He grew up being constantly rejected by his mother Rosanna (Gelli de Belen). Born out of rape, Oliver bears the brunt of his mother’s bitterness.

Representing the valor of the Panday Kids is Hadji (Julian Trono), a good-looking Muslim boy gifted with skills in martial arts and sword fighting. He is also quiet, unassuming and hardworking. Hadji and his sister Fatima were exposed to the conflict in Mindanao.

Embodying the wisdom of the group is Charlie (Sabrina Man), who is a beautiful but bratty kid who comes from a well-off family. Her source of happiness is the fact that she’s adopted. She wants to find out her real identity but her grandmother Dona Guada Salcedo (Marissa Delgado) prevents her from unlocking the secret of her past.

Together, the three Panday Kids set out to continue carrying the torch once carried by Flavio.

Completing the cast are Jackie Rice, Jose Manalo, Tirso Cruz III, Pen Medina, Nanette Inventor, Bernard Palanca, Isabel Granada, Rich Asuncion, Akihiro Sato, Jolina Magdangal, Ella Cruz, Nikki Samonte, Cruzita Salcedo, Yogo Singh and Migui Jimenez. Award-winning actor Christopher de Leon has a special role as the original guardian of the sword.

Directed by Tony Tuviera, Panday Kids will star Robert “Buboy” Villar, Julian Trono and Sabrina Man.

"Panday Kids" will replace the timeslot of "Darna" right after 24 Oras in GMA-7!

(Image and Synopsis Source: starmometer.com)

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