A Funny Sunday Afternoon Romance as Pokwang Lead Your Song Presents

It could be a funny Valentines for the whole month of February in ABS-CBN's Sunday afternoon mini-series Your Song Presents as Pokwang top-bills this month's flavor! Yup, Pokwang is the lead cast in the February episode entitles "Love You, Love Me"!

And of course, if she will be the main star, definitely she has a well good-looking leading man. After Sam Milby, now Jayson Abalos is her new love interest!

In the story, Pokwang is the rich lady who will fall in-love with the guy (the character of Jayson Abalos) who will love her for money! Jayson will love Pokwang because of her wealth. Jayson was already committed to the other girl (character of Desiree Del Valle).

But the twist goes: later in the story, Jayson felt that he is really falling true love to Pokwang! Hmmm...what will then be the consequence? Will Pokwang felt the same knowing that Jayson just use her before?

Well, let's all catch up this funny romantic story every Sundays of February right after ASAP XV only in ABS-CBN! Are we going to cry with laughter? Haha! c",)

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