FFF: 'Full House' Finale on Friday!

It's gonna be an "FFF" this coming Friday night in GMA-7's telebabad! Yeah an FFF..."Full House Finale Friday"

Yup, the revival of the hit Koreanovela "Full House" which stars Richard Gutierrez as Justin and Heart Evangelista as Jessie is about to end this coming Friday night!

Well, what more to expect?

Now that it’s about to end, still, the question of whether or not Justin (Richard Gutierrez) and Jessie’s (Heart Evangelista) pseudo-marriage will ever become real remains.

Wedding bells are ringing but not exactly for Justin and Jessie. Using her illness as an excuse, Elaine (Isabel Oli) cornered Justin and proposed marriage to him. Jessie, on the other hand, also accepted Luigi’s (Patrick Garcia) offer.

Sensing his son’s loneliness and apprehension towards the wedding, Lorenzo (Ronaldo Valdez) tried to talk sense into Justin by offering some fatherly advice. Will Justin pack his bags and fly home to be with the girl he truly loves?

Back in the Manila, Jessie engages in a heart-to-heart talk with her bestfriend Lisette (Sheena Halili) who advised her to open up her heart to Luigi. In making such a crucial decision, which one Jessie will use: her head or her heart?

The answers will be revealed on the last few days of Full House right after "The Last Prince" on GMA-7.

(Source: starmometer.com)

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