Mayor Enrique Dies in 'May Bukas Pa'!

The truth prevailed last week in the top-rated inspirational TV series "May Bukas Pa"! But after Santino found out that Mayor Enrique was his real father, Mayor Enrique was shot to kill by his brother Robert after saving his sons lives!

Well, it was such another tragic and lonely nights after this shocking event!

Mayor Enrique or the character of Mr. Albert Martinez in this hit TV series really created a mark! He was a greedy sinful mayor of Bagong Pag-asa who made the life of Santino, the priests, as well as the other characters in the story miserable! He raised different illegal monkey business in the town. He was also the mastermind and the gambling lord in Bagong Pag-asa! He had many mistresses! Many people in his town hated him so much!

But, in the recent nights, we had witnessed that the former bad mayor was gradually turning good! He surrendered his counter-bad brother. He will admit his sins. He was ready for a change, for the new life! He will finally admit all his faults and wrong deeds!

But after mayor finally changed for good, his life became over! As a revenge of his younger brother Robert (played by Ron Morales), he had kidnapped Mayor Enrique's sons Nico and Santino! In the act of saving his two sons specially Santino, he was gun shot by Robert! He had sacrificed his life just for his sons!

It was such another memorable night last Friday after this scene! On Mayor's burial, a video message from him was played in front of the people! A brand new good mayor in the video spoke in public now with honesty and kindness! A salute to him then followed!

Albert Martinez' role in this soap truly created a memorable mark in TV! We will really missed him! He was such a very effective actor and kontrabida! He was also one of the reasons (besides Santino) why this TV series became so successful, award-winning, top-rating, and powerful!

But then, after his life ended in "May Bukas Pa", another new character of Mr. Albert Martinez now as Capt. Frank will be seen in the new ABS-CBN's TV series, "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! Another exciting and promising one...!!! c",)

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