'The Last Prince', The First 2010 Fantaserye of GMA

The time has come for the airing of the newest telefantasya offering of GMA-7 this 2010. Starting on Monday, January 11 right after "Darna", Telebabad will bring us to the new kingdom...the kingdom located on the top of the clouds!

Here is a quick synopsis provided by Starmometer.com regarding this new fantasy TV series:

In the tradition of Mulawin, Encantadia, Majika, and Luna Mystica, GMA-7, the makers of top-rating fantaseryes, will now bring televiewers to a magical kingdom located in the clouds in “The Last Prince.”

The Last Prince tells the fairy tale story of a kingdom in the clouds called Paladino. This magical realm is headed by the noble King Adorno and his beautiful wife Queen
Lamara with their three children Prinsesa Saraya, Prinsipe Javino, and Prinsipe Almiro.

The peaceful and perfect life in Paladino is suddenly threatened when Prince Javino went missing. His disappearance is orchestrated by the most powerful and wicked black Diwani named Alwana. Diwanis are the powerful wizards in the kingdom.

Using her black magic and sorcery, Alwana pushes Prince Javino towards the magic mirror, transporting him to the earthly world. She wants him to fall in love with a mortal so she could claim the throne and take over Paladino.

But, an unexpected tragedy shatters the mirror and Prince Javino is permanently trapped on earth. The entire kingdom is devastated by news that the Prince is dead. There is instant confusion and disarray in Paladino.

This incident changes the life of the mischievous Prince Almiro. King Adorno immediately declares him successor to the throne, the next king of Paladino.

But, Prince Almiro is not yet ready to become a king. So the head Diwani, Rizayo, suggests he gets married. All the maidens in the kingdom were called so Prince Almiro could choose his lucky bride.

Once of those who came is Bawana, the daughter of Alwana. Because of her hideous face, Alwana uses her magic to make Bawana look beautiful. But Prince Almiro discovers their deception and he sends her away.

Bawana is enraged so she puts a curse on Prince Almiro. His face becomes distorted and only true love could break the curse.

So Prince Almiro, together with his three loyal allies Rosata, Onuro, Anexi, sets off to the mortal world to fulfill his mission. But Bawana gives him only three chances to find his woman.

By means of Bawana’s curse, they were trapped in a magical mansion and once inside, Prince Almiro’s warped face disappears but once outside, his cursed face is revealed.

On his third and final attempt, Prince Almiro meets Lara. Despite his horrible face, the kind-hearted and simple Lara falls in love with him.

Can Lara’s kiss finally break Bawana’s curse on Prince Almiro?

It turns out that Prince Javino is still alive and suffers from the new spell of Bawana. Can the two brothers destroy the evil Alwana and her daughter Bawana? Will Prince Almiro give up the throne for his love Lara? Will the peace and order return in the Kingdom of Paladino?

Well, we'll gonna catch it all this Monday night on Telebabad!

(Source: Starmometer.com)

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