'Stairway To Heaven'...The Last Stair to the Final Episode!

What will be the final destiny for Cholo and Jodi!? Could their love with one another fight the tragedies they have now?!

Well, this Friday will be your last chance to witness the dramatic finale of GMA-7's Koreanovela revival "Stairway to Heaven"! As the series approaches its finale, the story goes deeper and more dramatic.

At first, on its initial episodes, we didn't thought that this series couldn't survive the rating game. But, months later, it slowly and gradually climbs its stair to rating!

The story of this remake is somewhat similar to the traditional Filipino soaps we had today. Full of drama, a love story between the two persons wherein forbidden by the people around them, and of course the battle between the bidas and contravida! Of course, there was a chapter in the story wherein Jodi forgot her past or lost her memories. She was eventually turned into Jenna but after the same accident, she had regained her mind and true identity!

Same with the original version, Jodi in the end suffered from a brain cancer. She will lost her sights and she will die leaving Cholo alone in the end! Now the question goes, will this Pinoy version have the same ending with the original?! Well, this thing will be the most important chapter to watch out!!!

So again, let us all grab our chairs and handkerchiefs as tears will flow on this coming Friday night in "Stairway To Heaven"! See Yah....!!! c,")

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