Myteries Unveil and Tragedies Begin in the Last Days of 'Lovers In Paris'!

Two nights to go before the finale...!!! But as this Pinoy remake of the hit Koreanovela approaches its ending, more mysteries were revealed and more tragedies were gradually happening on the main cast!

Well, expect the unexpected in the end as this TV series termed as the "love story na walang ka-Paris" concluded this coming Friday. According to them, the ending of this Pinoy version is really, really different from the original!

Can we expect a happy ending or a tragic one?!

Last night, we all witnessed the mystery behind the VHS tape. This VHS tape of Vivian's father Mac was now converted in a CD format so that together with Martin, Michelle, Vivian and her niece and uncle, they were able to watch the video.

Shocking to see that the content of the CD was the actual footage of Chairman with his two friends who dropped Carlo's young father in the sea. In other words, they were responsible for killing Carlo's father! Now we all know the secret inside the VHS tape! And also, we now know why Chairman hated Vivian much because Vivian's father witnessed the crime!

Seeing the video, Carlo eventually confronted Chairman. Together with his mother Louise, Carlo left Chairman alone! Chairman was begging to Carlo and Louise to comeback!

These were some of the last minute climax of this series in addition to the accident happened to Martin and Karen. The question now, could it be a happen ending?! And of course, will it be Carlo and Vivian or Vivian and Martin?! Will Martin recovers from his amnesia and remembers all his past!? I'm also curious why Carlo is in the jail in the trailer of the final episodes!? Hmmmm....!

So, let us all witness the breath-taking grand finale of "Lovers In Paris" this coming Friday in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! Best wishes to Carlo, Martin, and Vivian...!!! c",)

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