60 Years of Pinoy Soap in ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN was known as the first home of soap operas or Pinoy TV series. From the very start, all the hit TV series was came to them. Almost all of their stars shine so much after being the lead role in their soap operas!

Well, by next year 2010, it was a grand celebration for ABS-CBN. Next year will be the 60 years of Pinoy Soap Opera. Of course the celebration and the credit will be in their origin!

Here is an article from Starmometer.com regarding the 60 Years of Pinoy Soap Opera:

"Have you ever imagined the lives of Filipinos when soap operas did not exist yet? Perhaps, they were clueless of each other’s stories; they did not have vivid hints about the other side of reality and they were naïve on how each life’s characters, big or small, affect the whole account of an individual.

60 years ago, Filipinos were not yet exposed to the reflection of their own lives. Thanks to ABS-CBN for it has pioneered in one of the tools that clearly mirrors the story of each Filipino… the television soap opera.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Pinoy Soap Opera. ABS-CBN, celebrates the legacy that has changed the entertainment scene for six decades while revisiting the history that has become a milestone of today’s showbiz industry.

In 1949, the first radio soap was aired by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) entitled “Gulong ng Palad.” Research says that during the early development of radio
in the Philippines, the device only catered to music and American propaganda, until “soaps” came into the picture. Originally termed “soap” as it was sponsored by soap manufacturers, it was later on called as “soap opera.”

Soon after, the soap opera’s found a more technically-wise home, the television. ABS-CBN aired the first drama on the tube in 1963, “Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato.” From then on, dozens of drama have ruled the said medium and have branched out into other kinds which the giant network has also coined: ‘teleserye,’ ‘fantaserye,’ ‘action-serye,’ ‘sineserye’ and ‘Asianovela’.

ABS-CBN’s leadership has remained solid through the years. Part of the celebration, with its aim to continually provide it’s kapamilyas with quality shows reflecting life’s reality, the network will showcase a fresher, newer and more progressive TV program
lineup by 2010.

Celebrate the legacy and relive the history as ABS-CBN commemorates the 60 years of Philippine Soap Opera."

Well, try to imagine our daily life today if Soap Opera didn't exist! Try to see and pros and cons of it! And try to note the beginning of all these things...!!! c",)

Article Source: Starmometer.com

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