'Somewhere In My Heart'...A Precious Hearts Answered Prayer!

What if you love a person that didn't love you? You keep on chasing that person, then eventually you realized that you had changed your mind.

But the worst thing goes...what if after years, you discovered that the one who used to love you so much before is now committed to God...is now a nun!? And that you learned to love that person...but now it's too late?

Well, maybe these were some of the things you need to witness in this season's episode of Precious Heart Romances. Could be an answered prayer? Just this week, the reunion tandem of Kaye Abad and Guji Lorenzana was again seen on TV. After their first teamup in Pepper's Episode in Bud Brothers series, again they were paired now in the new episode of this best-selling pocketbook made in TV series Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Somewhere In My Heart".

Kaye will play the role of Femi, a hardworking college girl who continuously love and chase their campus heartthrob Aaron who is played by Guji.

Femi has a huge crush on campus heartthrob Aaron and eventually, they get along well with each other.

They will once again meet in a reunion 10 years after only to find out a shocking revelation – Femi is now a nun! Hmmm...will there still be hope for a second chance on love?
This new season of Precious Hearts Romances is directed by the box-office director of all romantic film Cathy Garcia-Molina. She shares why she enjoyed directing the two young actors, “Totoong tao kasi si Femi, nagkakamali, kumakapit sa patalim, gumagawa ng mga kasinungalingan pero ang laging mahalaga naman is yung redemption after, what you learn after the mistake. Not only her, but also Aaron. Two flawed characters na matututo towards the end.”

And of course, the fans of this new love theme will also get inspired and get crazy with it as they come along with the story. Two different people, one love, and one shocking revelation at the end!

So your Hapontastic craze via ABS-CBN's TV series will be more sweet, crazy, cool, and spicy. More romance will truly blooms on air! Let us once again catch the chemistry blend of Kaye-Guji or better known as "Kayeji"! For four days now running on afternoon TV, the story is truly as exciting and as romantic as we all expect! c",)

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  1. ask ko lng,ano b ung title nung kanta n nkasulat sa diary ni Femi?