'Stairway To Heaven' Marks Again Its First Step!

The romance-tragic-drama love story of Cholo and Jodi will be once again seen on primetime TV.

Yup, as GMA-7 via its Telebabad, they once again remade the Korean drama series that once touched our heart!

It was 2004, yeah, I was a 3rd year student when the original Korean version of the series was first aired on TV. That year, the other Korean TV series, "Lovers In Paris" made a smash hit on TV via ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. It defeated all its counterpart TV programs on GMA-7. So, GMA-7 aired "Stairway To Heaven" on the same year to attack "Lovers In Paris"!But still, "Lovers In Paris" emerged on the top! Oh...what again a coincidence! The original "Lovers In paris" versus the original "Stairways To Heaven" on 2004 then now in 2009, the revival "Stairway To Heaven" versus the revival "Lovers In Paris" were about to meet!

Today in Pinoy version, Dingdong Dantes will play the role of Cholo while Rhian Ramos on the role of Jodi! And of course, the antagonists were Jean Garcia (back being 'kontrabida') and Glaiza De Castro as Eunice!

Have you missed the original Korean version? Well, look at the pictures below! Yeah, I provided you how the original Korean version looks before! Have a glimpse!

On its pilot week, they place this new TV series against "Tayong Dalawa"! Well, the question now goes...will it able to defeat the ever famous hit "Tayong Dalawa" now that its facing its most explosive ending?! Take note that viewers were avidly watching on this Kim-Gerald series!

After "Tayong Dalawa", the real battle will truly starts! This is a battle of revival versus revival since the much awaited Pinoy version of "Lovers In Paris" is about to begin on September 28. This time, its Dingdong versus Piolo!!!

Well, its gonna be a great battle nine nights to go! We can't anymore wait and see! But for now, let us all take a look how Dingdong's "Stairway To Heaven" performs on Primetime! Will it be another GMA's revival hit or just another soon to be defunct flop revival?! Will see...!! c",)

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