The Twins Amazingly Back Every Morning!

Now you have the chance to watch the first-ever Chinovela in the Philippines. Yup, the crazy cool "Amazing Twins" was back every morning in the Morning Slot program of ABS-CBN 2 at around 9am. This time, they were targeting the Children viewers.

Well, as it was started on the second week of July, it amazingly captivated the viewers rating for the morning slot!

As we all know, this first-ever Chinovela in our country was first aired in IBC channel 13 weay back 2003. And afterwards, ABS-CBN 2 launched "Meteor Garden" on May of the same year which eventually became an instant hit!

Then years later, this "Amazing Twins" Chinovela was also aired in ABS-CBN every late afternoon on their Hapontastic Block. Until right now, they aired again the said TV Series.

So if you want to reminisce back the previous days of Chinovela craze, here's Amazing Twin to watch out in the First and True Home of Asianovela netwok! c",)

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