Maruja's Final Destiny

Will it be Maruja and Gabriel up to the end? Or will that only be another history repeats itself story?

These are some of the questions televiewers await. On Saturday, you will about to witness the finale of Mars Ravelo's "Maruja"!

Seems that Ross played by Derek Ramsey is not Gabriel, Maruja's real love from the past. All were shocked when the role of Piolo Pascual came to the scene and now discovered that he was the real Gabriel!

Ross who was first known to be the real love interest of Cristy/Maruja will eventually be the antagonist. Will he kill Cristy and the new found real Gabriel?

Hmmm...seems that the story gets more and more exciting and tragic up to the final end! How will then the story be concluded?

As I told you on my first post about Maruja, the said story was originally played by the Queen of Philippine movie, Ms. Susan Roces. If you can't imagine how the original Maruja looked before, well take a look on the above picture! Yup, that was Ms. Susan Roces as Maruja together with her leading man.

Now, compare and contrast before and present. Which would you prefer?

The good thing in today's revival of Maruja by ABS-CBN 2 is that they remained the horror stuff on the series. It's a tragic love story the same with the original version.

So to answer all our questions in mind, let's all catch up and see the final episode! Another good revision from the home of all the No. 1 TV Series! c",)

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