Back To Back Asianovela Craze!

It's hit after hit! The Asianovela craze is driving us back in crazy! After the hit 'Meteor Garden' in 2003 who beats all the other TV series on that year, Asianovela fever dominates us once again.

Just like the 'Meteor Garden' before, our late afternoon or early primetime block is taken again by storm. This time, not one...but two!

Yup, two Asinovela dominate our TV. But take note, not from the same country! Yeah, it's Taiwan and Korea once more. This time they were not rival but joined-hand instead since they were from the same network !

The romance-comedy from Taiwan, "Love or Bread" is continuously increasing its viewerships. Many more viewers were now hooked to this crazy light love-story of Lalaine and Albert. Well, this is now their third time to be seen together in TV Series after the hits 'It Started With a Kiss' and 'They Kiss Again' .
And of course, talking about 'Meteor Garden', this Korean version of F4 constantly dominating the top spot on their block! It is now the top-rating Asianovela aired on Philippine TV nowadays! Everybody loves to feel and witness the love-story of Jan Di and Jhun Pyo!

Well, no words to say! They were trully an exciting love-story to catch up eveyday. Hmmm...hope that me too could also watched them since I am on work during their timeslots! c",)

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