What will you choose...'Love or Bread'?

The 'kwelanovela' couple you loved most is now back! After they Started with a Kiss, then they Kiss Again...now they will let you choose between 'Love or Bread'!

This crazy wacky Chinovela pilots its first episode last Monday via ABS-CBN's Hapontastic. As we all expect, they were welcomed with a very good rating and a positive viewership from the audience.

So every late afternoon or early evening, your TV is dominated by Asianovela fever! 'Love or Bread' then afterwards, 'Boys Over Flowers'. They continuously giving life, craze, romance, and smile in our bored busy afternoons.

Hmmm...hope they will repeat all its episode same on 'Boys Over Flowers' on weekends just like what Channel 2 did to 'Hana Kimi' 'cause I can't able to watch them. During these times, I am busy on my work in the office and struggling for the rush hours! c",)

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