The Night for Pain and Hurt in 'Cruel Love'

Pain, hurt, and sufferings for love started yesterday night. Yup, you will cry again and beg for love via this new Korean TV series 'Cruel Love' in GMA 7's Telebabad.

After we go crazy in love with 'Fated to Love You', then cry a liter of tears in 'One Liter of Tears', now grab back your handkerchief for more and more tears because of pain due of this cruel love.

This Korean TV series or koreanovela contains heavy drama that will surely hurt your feelings. It such a love triangle or should I say a love quadrangle since 4 people were involved. How far will they go for love? How long did they will fight for a love that was taken away?

This korean series is also a comeback starrer of Kwon Sang Wu, the korean actor who we all know as Cholo in the previous hit drama, 'Stairways to Heaven'. He is also joined with the other Korean actor who made a character role in 'Full House'.

And as they always did, the theme song was an OPM revival of Regine Velasquez. The themesong is also a painful one! Hmmm...catch them up every night on primetime and feel the pain! And afterwards, get ready to realize how cruel love is!

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