TV Now Opens Pages of the Packetbook

After old movies, radio, previous soaps, the TV opens the pages of packetbooks!

This is when ABS-CBN now started their very own stories from the hit packetbook, "Precious Heart Romance". They put on our TV screen some of the romantic love stories that avid packetbook readers used to read before. stories that once captured their hearts.

As an initial offerings, the first story was taken prom the "Bud Brothers". Cast were composed of the brightest young actors nowadays led by Jake cuenca and of course with the hot leading lady, Cristine Reyes.

This is a series of love stories which will make you fall every afternoon. It will then just add up to the heat of your afternoon.

Positive acceptance earned the program as it gets a high rating on its pilot telecast. Well, the series made the previous packetbook readers to switched and transformed now into an avid TV series fanatics! It is such another innovation and ingredients in the world of TV series as packetbooks now joined their force! Another first from the number one network! c",)

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