From Old Movies To New TV Series

As of now, we are all familiar to the horror TV series or should we say, sineserye namely "Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbarra", "Maligno", and of course to the new upcoming "Maruja"
Yes all of these TV series have something in common! Besides toppings the Primetime TV ratings, we all know that all of these came from the classic cinema collection of the Philippine movie queen, Ms. Susan Roces. And take note, all of these series were "horror", the genre of movie and TV series I loved most!
What I am trying to say, all of them just came from a classic horror movie. Take note, all of them were top-billed with Susan Roces. Another thing is that, for all these horror movies, Susan had only one leading man who is Dante Rivero!
What good now is that, ABS-CBN made a very good revival of these classic movies via TV series. And making them a top-rating horror TV series is another breakthrough in the trend of TV series. Right now, "Patayin sa Sindak" and "Maligno" proved the acceptance of this new breakthrough! Beside these two, another horror flick TV series will create another mark on your TV screen as "Maruja" shocks your TV every Saturday via "Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's" hit works.
Giving you more trivia, both "Patayin Sa Sindak..." and "Maruja" already had a movie revival. "Patayin..." was already revived in a 1994 Star Cinema movie starred by Lorna Tolentino, Dawn Zueleta, and Tonton Gutierrez while "Maruja" though not a horror-flick was already versioned in a 1992 Viva Film which top-billed by Carmina Villaroel and Rustum Padilla!
In addition to these, another horror TV series will be aired in our TV soon! This is "Florinda", again another Susan Roces classic which will be lead by Ms. Maricel Soriano!
But for now, let us all give welcome to "Maruja" this Saturday for a new horror experience!!
It's such another great innovation for todays number one station! Kudos! But before I leave, try to compare and contrast the old movies of Susan Roces to the new TV series version! c",)

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