"Boys Over Flower" - The Comeback of F4 and Meteor Garden

Missing F4 and the hit "Meteor Garden"? Well the long wait is over since they will comeback and once again hit our Philippine TV...

But think again since they will comeback not as Taiwanese anymore but as Koreans!
Yep! The hit Meteor Garden has a Korean version which is now known as "Boys Over Flower"

They will hit our TV screen soon on ABS-CBN, the same network who started the Meteor Garden and the F4 Fever!
It will then be an exciting series to watch out for. Hit after hit! After its original origin, "Hanna Yori Dago" from Japan, then hitting Taiwan as "Meteor Garden", afterwards now Korea as "Boys Over Flower"...well we will wait and see our very own version soon since ABS-CBN has a plan of having our original version of this hit series.
But as of now, let us focus ourselves to this Korean series. It will definitely another fever, another TV craze, a milestone on the history of Philippine TV. Another hit that all of us will be hooked onto! c",0

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