Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Sunday, Sam Milby and Maja Salvador are Sarah Geronimo's special guest in her Sunday night TV program, "Sarah G. Live." But the question goes, will there be a love triangle between these three?!

It's such a coincidence to note that both Sarah and Maja are Sam's former leading ladies - Sarah in "Idol" while Maja in PHR Presents "Impostor."

The show welcomes the return of Sam Milby in the country. Let's see how he will serenade the viewers with his lovable singing voice!

Meanwhile, a dance showdown will be witnessed between Sarah and Maja. Who do you think will reign between the two dance diva?

Here is the teaser of this Sunday's "Sarah G. Live" episode. Let's all watch this:

Sarah, Maja, and Sam - a perfect reunion, a love triangle in a possible TV series! Catch them tonight in "Sarah G. Live" right after "Rated K!" Cool! (

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  1. thanks i really love Sarah and Sam back together again since "Idol"....


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