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TV is always a part of every Filipino. Without it, our lives will be boring and meaningless. And among the variety of TV programs, Soap Opera, TV Series or the commonly known as "teleserye" is the all-time favorite of all the people around the globe specially Pinoy like us! Without teleserye, our day is incomplete!

The Official 2010 TV Series Craze Logo Poster
The 2009 TV Series Craze Logo Poster
Honestly speaking, I admit that I was a very big fan of teleserye or telenovela. I used to grow with them. My life itself is a real life teleserye. Of course I am the bida, with a leading lady, and with kontrabida!

These things gave birth to the blog site now known as TV Series Craze! This blog site is now the most visited TV website to note. It is widely circulated around the net and garnered lots and lots of fans! Wow!

Let me tell you how this blog start from a humble beginning...

The Very First TV Series Craze Logo
TV Series Craze Logo Evolved A Little!
The 2009 TV Series Craze Logo
The 2010 Current TV Series Craze Logo
April 2009 is the month and year where all my blog sites rose! Day to day, more new blog sites were born. After the music and lyrics site Rhythm of the Rock became famous, here comes TV Series. As they always say, if there's a radio for music, well definitely there's a TV. That's why in April 17, 2009, TV Series Craze was born!

At first, I was planning to make a blog site for TV and movies. Yup, initially I want to combine them. That's why the very first title of this site was called "TV Series Plus Movies". Afterward, it was evolved to "TV Series with Movies Plus" then became "TV Series and Movies Craze". Even its URL varied!

Later I realized, why did not make a sole site for TV series?! Since TV series is a widely hit, why not gave them an exclusive site? Until finally, this site was called as "TV Series Craze"! And it's URL became finally as tvseriescraze.blogspot.com.

The Very First Post in TV Series Craze Site

Why craze?! Simply because everybody around the globe got crazy for TV Series. Without their craze for TV series, no network war, no evolution of soap opera, no Asianovela or Mexiconovela today, no more new faces of stars were born, and no Primetime Bida or Telebabad on TV! Everything today starts from a simple TV series!

This site not only gives information about TV series itself. There's news about the different TV series stars, latest showbiz news relating to TV Series, TV ratings, network war between the two giant networks,  poll surveys, upcoming series, and uploaded episodes of your favorite TV series were all here! That is why the subtitle description of this site is called "Everything You Need To Know About Your Favorite TV Series" !

The very first post published in this site last April 17, 2009 was the Angel Locsin-Sam Milby remake of the Koreanovela "Only You" entitled 'Only You' - An Exciting Blend To Watch Out! From that first post, more and more new and exciting posts followed!

Now from day to day, new posts were published! My fans and followers in Facebook and Twitter eventually increased! From all my blog sites, TV Series Craze is the most viewed, most visited, and has the most number of fans! It also became the highest ranking site from the different site measurements! Great! =)

So, for the great success of TV Series Craze, I like to give back a word of thanks and appreciation! again and again, thank you very much my avid readers, fans, followers, and supporters! TV Series Craze can now be put inline with the other hit showbiz and TV websites! Awesome!  c",)

To sum-up, this website offers you the following:

*TV Series Episodes

* Upcoming New TV Series and TV Shows

* TV Ratings

*Synopsis of your Favorite TV Series

* Cast and Characters Profiles

* TV Series Remakes and Adaptations

* Your TV Series Stars

* Trivia

* Latest TV Series News

* Online Viewing

* Live Streaming

* Downloads

* TV Commercials

* Teasers and Trailers

* Poll Surveys and Results

* Spotlight of your Favorite Stars

*All Types of TV Series Namely:
        - teleserye
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        - asianovela
        - chinovela
        - fantaserye / telefantasya
        - dramaserye
        - musical serye
        - realiserye
        - horror serye
        - actionserye
        - mangaserye
        - fashionserye
        - mini-series
        - youth-oriented series
        - revival / remake / adaptation
        - sineserye / sinenovela 

What more will you ask for ?! Enjoy your visit here in your favorite TV Series and entertainment site! Stay tune! C".)