Vivamax Movie "Manyak" Starring Christine Bermas and Nico Locco is Sexy and Mystique Giving Us a Foreign Film Vibes

Sexy and Mystique! These are the two words that best describe in a glimpse the newest Vivamax movie offering "Manyak" starring the real-life couple Christine Bermas and Nico Locco. And yes, watching the movie, it will definitely gives you a foreign film vibes with its unexpected plot twist and cinematography.

The movie is under the direction and creative mind of Direk Carlo Alvarez. Yes, Direk Carlo is also known for the iconic movies like "Tres," "Pera Kwarta Salapi," and "Sabado." All of these movies which he directed were all remarkables. "Talagang nag-iwan sila ng mga hindi malilimutang marka!" So what more do we expect for "Manyak?"  Definitely, Direk Carlo surpassed his other previous movies!

Direk Carlo gives us the best cinematography in the movie. Just like what I've said, it will put you in an international film vibes! "Pwedeng-pwede na siyang ilaban sa mga International Film Festivals!" Thus making it by far the most well photographed Vivamax original film. The settings in the wood makes me feel that I'm watching a Hollywood film! Ang galing!

Christine Bermas who is playing the lead character of Desire once more didn't failed us to amaze with her acting stint. "Sa galing ni Christine sa drama, pwede na talaga siyang ihanay sa mga dramatic actresses natin ngayon!" Her confrontation scene with Sheree, her older sister in the movie definitely deserve a well-round of applause! I love how the director put the character development in her role! "Mararamdaman mo talaga 'ung pinagdadaanan ng character ni Desire sa movie!"

"Manyak" from the Creative Mind of Direk Carlo Alvarez is his Another Iconic Film

Nico Locco who is playing the character of Adam in the movie is by far his best performance ever. We hate him in his previous Vivamax movies namely "Afam"  and "Sandwich. But here in "Manyak," I won't give a clue kung mamahalin mo ba o kakainisan ang kayang character! It's for you to find out! But one thing for sure, naipalabas ni Direk Carlo kay Nico ang galing niya sa pag-arte note that this is the second movie together of Nico and Direk Carlo wherein they first teamed up in the movie "Sabado" in 2019.      

The supporting characters namely the Viva Hot Babe Sheree  and veteran actor Joko Diaz add more spice in the story! Sheere's short appearance in the movie will give you a goose bump because of her acting prowess specially her scenes with Christine! As they say, "maloloka ka sa confrontation scene niya kay Christine!" And yes, this is also the second time around that Sheree and Christine play as sisters in a Vivamax movie. Last year, they played sisters in another mystery film "Island of Desire." 

Christine Bermas' Perfomance in the Movie Deserves Another Well-Round of Applause!

Will You Hate or Love Nico Locco's Character in the Movie?

Joko Diaz is indeed a Vivamax favorite actor. He already played different roles in various Vivamax movies. But here in "Manyak," his character is more remarkable! "Tatak Joko ika nga!" His role as Sheree's rich husband has a secret to tell. And yes, it's so glad to see  Joko and Christine together again in this movie after last year's "Siklo!"             

Well, to tease you more about this exciting movie, here is the full trailer of "Manyak." Let's all watch this:

Moreover, the editing of this movie is so seamless. It's smooth-sailing as they say. The story-line is ascending - it's slow pacing at first but eventually will drive you up at the peak of your emotions!

And last but not the least, the sound scoring is so smooth and on track. The background music on the important scenes will give you chill and thrill at the same time! Even the music on the intimate scenes will set your mind in a relaxing mode while watching on fire.  

"Manyak" is currently streaming on the Vivamax App and it already snatched the No. 1 spot as the most watched Vivamax movie as of the moment. Kudos to the actors and director of this film. You really did a great job! Hoping for more new movies of Direk Carlo together with Christine and Nico on the coming days! Their tandem and chemistry were really awesome and overflowing! 08/12/2023 (TV Series Craze)


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