PBB Housemate Franki Russell Returns to Vivamax as a Fierce, Jealous, and Bothered Wife in "Laruan" Pairing her to Kiko Estrada and Jay Manalo!

After the success of her launching film "Pabuya" with Diego Loyzaga, the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso ex-housemate Franki Russell returns to Vivamax for another sexy drama-movie, "Laruan."  This time, she is fiercer and more intense than her previous movie. 

In "Laruan," Franki is playing the character of Camille, a fine arts sales owner and a wife of a painter and visual artist Rene (Jay Manalo). Unknowingly, Camille has a secret affair to her business partner and college friend Geoff (Kiko Estrada). Until one day, Geoff brings Thea Althea (Ava Mendez) to Camille and Rene's house to lure Rene so that Camille and Geoff can have their own intimate moment. But apparently, Rene develops his feelings to Thea when the later becomes his model for his painting.

The incident turns Camille as a jealous, rattled, twisted, and bothered wife. She is always suspicious to Rene and Thea. Anger and jealousy collide on her heart transforming her to a different person. The plot then thickens!

This movie brings out the best of Franki! We got surprise, Franki can act! She successfully nailed her character as a psychotic Camille! She showed off her acting skills in this movie, totally different from her first movie "Pabuya." She improves a lot in terms of acting and at the same time, she can also be an antagonist in her own movie! And yeah, she is so sexy in this movie - she shows more skin! 

Jay Manalo, Ava Mendez, and Kiko Estrada were good combination to Franki in this movie! They were all superb in their acting performances specially on the part that they are throwing heavy lines to one another. Kiko and Franki's fluency in the English language made them perfect to each other making the film more classy. Jay Manalo as an artist Rene was toned down in the movie making his character far different from his previous Vivamax roles. And of course Ava Mendez didn't failed our expectations - she's 'all out' in the movie! Once more, Ava gave her best performance both as a dramatic versatile actress and a sexy star everyone is eyeing for!            

The movie also gave importance to the work of arts! If you are a visual arts enthusiast, definitely, you will love this movie! I love the idea that the director makes every little thing in the movie a metaphor! What you will see on the film has a symbolism and a hidden meaning that viewers may think of.  

While watching the movie, we had think many more possible titles for this film. But what made the director gave "Laruan" as its title? What's the story behind it? How about the behind-the-scene stories of the two lead cast members, do they encounter similar situations from the movie? And what are their favorite "laruan" (toys) rooting back from their childhood?

Well to answer these interesting questions, here are my live video coverage and interview videos during our "Laruan" Advance Private Screening and Mediacon. Let's all watch these and get enlighten:

Also one of the lessons imparted by the movie is how to keep our ourselves safe from stalkers specially when we are posting a lot in social media of our whereabouts. In the movie, Camille was able to stalk Thea via her social media postings putting the life of the later in danger. 
Under the direction of Yam Laranas, "Laruan" will be streaming worldwide via the Vivamax App starting this Friday, December 16, 2022. But viewers can have their early access watching its advance screening via the Vivamax Plus starting this Monday, December 12.  
Feel free to share your thoughts and reviews to our comment section below after watching this movie. It's indeed another original must-see movie from Vivamax! Congrats to the cast, director, staffs, and producer of this film - job well done! 12/11/2022 (TV Series Craze by Runner Rocky)     


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