"Livescream," The Sexy-Horror Film of Vivamax is Elijah Canlas' Most Daring Role Ever!

We have watched him in most of his series like "Gameboys," "Paano Ang Pangako," and "Suntok Sa Buwan" as an innocent young man playing wholesome characters. But in his latest movie, the Vivamax and The Idea First original sexy-horror film called "Livescream," Elijah Canlas shocks the viewers with his brand new role far away from his previous characters!

Yes, Elijah Canlas goes sexy and daring on his new movie! According to him, "Livescream" is his first most daring role ever! Teasing you of what he did in the movie, he got sizzling hot sex scenes with two lovely ladies - Phoebe Walker and Kat Dovey. What more, he is topless in most of his scenes in the movie!

In "Livescream," Elijah plays the character of Exo, a social media influencer who will do everything and anything even hurting people just to increase his viewers and followers! He has a girlfriend named Amanada (played by Phoebe). Exo and Amanda are teaming up to do online pranks and out of this world livestream videos. They are naughty in most of their videos and even hurt people. Exo plans to go solo and collaborate with another influencer (played by Kat). Until one day, Exo woke up in a strange dark room. Torture begins and unexpected revelations followed commanding Exo to do the bloody and sexual challenges from the different holes in the wall.

During our advance private screening and mediacon, Elijah revealed that aside from being his most daring project ever, "Livescream" is his most difficult role yet! “I was topless and barefoot for most of the film and covered in fake blood and dirt everyday," Elijah shared.  "I also had an accident during one of the stunts. But what’s most memorable is the fact that I had a ton of 'niknik' bites. It was wild! Grabe yung mga sand mites. My body was so red and so itchy. Couldn’t sleep at some point during the lock-in. Nahirapan na rin huminga at times dahil umabot na siya sa leeg ko! But I am grateful to Direk Perci for this break,” the actor added!

On the other hand, Elijah's leading lady in the movie Phoebe Walker further shared her most challenging part while filming the movie. According to her, the last part of the movie, the bloody 'pointed' scene is so difficult to do and has more than three pages of script. She also laughed sharing her mocking scene with Elijah. "May time talaga na nabato ko siya (Elijah) ng kung anu-ano but it proves him being an organic actor," Phoebe recounted.

Well, here are some of our video coverage of "Livescream" private screening and mediacon. Let's all watch these:


Also during our mediacon, the movie director Perci Intalan revealed the inspiration of the plot of "Livescream." He also honestly answered one of the questions from the media if the movie is based from the current issue and battle of two famous vloggers.  

And to give you my point of view of this movie, oh yeah, it exceeds my expectations! At first I thought it was like the foreign horror movie "Saw" and "Final Destination." But this movie surpassed those foreign films! The flow, the plot, and the twist of the story is very relevant to the current situation of social media in the country. And since we are vloggers and influencers, we were very much relate to the story!

In terms of acting, Elijah also surpassed my grading sheet! No doubt, he truly deserve his Best Actor Awards from the different award-giving bodies! And of course, he is a very promising sexy actor! He nailed it! Good job Elijah!

Phoebe Walker on the hand is also superb on her acting abilities! She perfectly portrays her character - a good and a bad girlfriend at the same time! Yeah, Phoebe reminds me of Cristine Reyes and Nanette Medved who can play both protagonist and antagonist at the same time! Cristine and Phoebe together with Nanette can pass as sisters actually! Moreover, Phoebe can also be an action star as what she have shown on the movie!  

Kudos also to the director and production team of the movie for setting up the breath-taking "holes in the wall" challenges!

"Livescream" premieres via video on demand on the Vivamax Plus starting this coming November 9, 2022. Congrats again for another successful must-see movie! 11/02/2022 (TV Series Craze)        

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