Watch: F4 Thailand's Dew Jirawat Introduces his Cute Cat on his Livestream

Ren of the hit Thai series "F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers," Dew Jirawat is also a cat lover! 

During his live on a late Thursday night, April 21, 2021, Dew showcased his cute pet cat. He played with it and kissed it in front of his thousand viewers.

Here are some of Dew's cute photos with his cute kitty:

Meanwhile, here is Dew's full livestream video where he introduced his cute kitty. Let's all watch this and see how cute Dew and his cat:


Dew just like his F4 Thailand co-star Bright Vachirawit is also a cat lover. He is now joining the Thai actors' bandwagon with cute cat pets namely Earth Pirapat, Mis Sahaphap, Krist Perawat, and Mew Suppasit

Aside from introducing his cute kitty on his livestream, Dew also serenaded the viewers with his lovely sweet voice singing his own cover version of the "F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers" OST namely "Who Am I" and "Shooting Star." He's so cute when he is singing using Naruto as his microphone!

And once more, his full livestream was filled with love, humor, and good vibes! Yes, Dew is full of humor just like hi co-actor and lookalike Win Metawin!  

After F4 Thailand, Dew is set for another exciting series under GMMTV. This is "Home School,"  another mystery drama similar to "The Gifted"  and "The Gifted Graduation." On the said series, he will be reunited with his F4 Thailand co-star Nani Hirunkit.   

Dew is indeed another Thai superstar in the making! Keep it up Dew! 04/23/2022 (TV Series Craze)

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