Kris Bernal, Rhian Ramos, Benjamin Alves, Mike Tan, and Mark Herras Talk About their Intense and Controversial Scenes in "Artikulo 247"

GMA Network is set for another intense and exciting series set on their afternoon block. This time, the Kapuso station will offer a television drama legal crime series that will surely put our afternoon TV habit on fire!

If we may recall, GMA successfully pioneered two afternoon TV series before namely "Ika-6 Utos"  and "Ika-5 Utos" with titles both derived from the bible's 10 Commandments. But this 2022, they are offering a brand new show - a series highlighting one of the important articles in the law. And this is, "Artikulo 247."

Before we talk about the said new teleserye, let me first enlighten you about this law. The law states:

Art. 247. Death or physical injuries inflicted under exceptional circumstances. — Any legally married person who having surprised his spouse in the act of committing sexual intercourse with another person, shall kill any of them or both of them in the act or immediately thereafter, or shall inflict upon them any serious physical injury, shall suffer the penalty of destierro.

If he shall inflict upon them physical injuries of any other kind, he shall be exempt from punishment.

These rules shall be applicable, under the same circumstances, to parents with respect to their daughters under eighteen years of age, and their seducer, while the daughters are living with their parents.

Any person who shall promote or facilitate the prostitution of his wife or daughter, or shall otherwise have consented to the infidelity of the other spouse shall not be entitled to the benefits of this article.”

Based from this law, GMA centered the twist and conflict of the story as the main characters committed the incident. In their series, Kris Bernal, Rhian Ramos, Benjamin Alves, Mike Tan, and Mark Herras played the lead characters with interesting backgrounds.

During our virtual blogcon, the lead cast members talked about their characters. Kris Bernal played a dual role of Klaire Almazan and Carmen Villarama. From a protagonist Klaire, she camouflage herself as a villainous Carmen to seek revenge from the infidelity of her former husband. Rhian Ramos is Jane Ortega-Borromeo, the mistress of Klaire's former husband. She's a protagonist in the series with a dark back story.  

In different emotions: Here are some of the photos and screen grabs of the main cast members during our virtual blogcon:

Joining Kris and Rhian in the main roles are the three leading men Benjamin Alves, Mike Tan, and Mark Herras. Benjamin and Mark plays the brothers Noah and Elijah Borromeo. They were two of the good male leads but eventually their lives will be intervened. On the other hand, Mike is Julian Pineda. His mysterious character will add more spice intensifying the series.

Well, without further talks, let's hear and watch these five lead characters during our virtual blogcon discussing their interesting roles in the series. Here they go:


Meanwhile, here is our full live coverage video of the blogcon. Let's watch this and learn more about them as well as their behind-the-scene stories:

Also during our virtual blogcon, the casts also talked about their intense and controversial scenes and remarkable lines in the series. Rhian and Kris revealed that their favorite scene is their intense confrontation scene in the restaurant. Kris also reenacted her line to Rhian saying "...pwet ka lang ng baso."

I also opened up the 'lipstick' scene of Kris and Rhian as one of my favorite scenes in the teleserye. Rhian added that this is the first teleserye with that particular scene and this is her first time to have a lipstick mark on her face!


Well, if you can't move over about this scene, watch this behind-the-scene video of Kris and Rhian doing their intense 'lipstick' scene:

 And of course, here is the trailer-teaser of "Artikulo 247." Let's all watch this:


After watching the teaser and learning about the story from our virtual blogcon, which side are you? Are you Team Kris Bernal or Team Rhian Ramos? Who among these two women deserve justice? Who is the true victim?

Meanwhile, of their three leading men, who among them interest you most? Who among them you like and love the most? 

Under the direction of Jorron Lee Monroy, "Artikulo 247." premieres this Monday, March 7, 2022 on the network's Afternoon Prime line up right after the timeslot of "Little Princess." This is another breakthrough TV series from GMA! We really can't wait! 03/05/2022 (TV Series Craze)

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