Watch: F4 Thailand's Dew Jirawat Gives Us a Win Metawin Vibes on his Livestream!

 He is now capturing our hearts after playing his first ever second lead role in today's hit Thai series, "F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers," a Thai adaptation of the iconic hit manga "Hana Yori Dango" or "Meteor Garden.    

Jirawat Sutivanichsak (Thai: จิรวรรตน์ สุทธิวณิชศักดิ์ ) or Dew Jirawat is playing the character of Ren, the Thai character of Hua Zei Lei in the said adaptation. He just launched as the new GMMTV artist last year and one of his first major is Ren who is one of the F4 Thailand members. And yeah, he has a resemblance to Win Metawin who is also part of the F4 Thailand playing the character of Kavin.

And just recently, Dew had a full livestream! During his live, we get to know more about Dew - his natural charm, humor, cuteness, and personality full of good vibes. And yes, most of his actions, smile, and mannerism reminds us of Baby Bunny Win Metawin!  

Also during his livestream, Dew serenaded us with his own version of F4 Thailand's OST, "Who Am I."

So without further talks, here is the full live video of Dew Jirawat. Let's all watch this and feel inlove:


Dew also sang one of the other theme songs of "F4 Thailand"  which is "In the Wind." 

After his current series "F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers," Dew is set to play a new lead in the new GMMTV Thai series, "Home School" together with his F4 Thailand co-member MJ, Nani Hirunkit.  

What more can you say about Dew? Did Dew already on your crush list?! 02/23/2022 (TV Series Craze) 


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