TV Series Craze Website Now Comes with a Fresh New Look with a New Logo!

In line with our 13 Years Anniversary celebration this coming April 2022, our official website TV Series Craze now comes with a fresh new look having a new design with a fresh new logo! 

We have started the year 2022 with a bang! In January, we just launched the new logo and banner of our website TV Series Craze as well as the website's fresh new design layout.

Our new website template theme comes in two colors - black and white. By default, the theme is in white background but you can change it to black theme depending on your mood or preference.

Here are the said two interchangeable black or white color themes:

The Black Theme

The White Theme By Default


Meanwhile, we will let you explore our new website. We will tour you to its pages, special features and offerings, and its different functionalities via our video blog.

Here is the said website navigation video. Let's all watch this:


On the other hand, here are the narrow view of our new website template once more in black and white. Let's all check these out:


We are also continuously improving our website. So expect for more exciting features and functionalities on the coming days!

Aside from its changeable color theme to black or white, another remarkable feature of our new website design is that it is highly responsive! Yes, you can enjoying viewing our website in any of your device - desktop, laptop, smartphones, or tablets. 

Our website also loads faster than even! It immediately loads for just a second!

And now, let me also introduce to you our new logo. Here it goes:


And of course, the new banner which comes in two versions. Here they go:


We will have a separate feature story for our new logo and banners. But for now, let's give the highlight to our new website design!

What can you say with our new website design? Do you love or like it more than the previous? Feel free to visit and experience our new website design by visiting TV Series Craze at and let us know your thoughts! We are open for your feedback and further suggestions! 02/12/2022 (TV Series Craze)


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