Watch: The Full Uncut Trailer and OST of "Pamilya Roces"

Not one, but three... One father but with three families! Are you ready to meet Family 1, 2, and 3?

GMA Telebabad is set to bring us another dramedy, a comedy-drama that would set another good vibes in Philippine Primetime TV. Following the success of their comedy-drama  genres in primetime namely "My Korean Jagiya," "The One That Got Away," and "Inday Will Always Love You,"  here comes another dramedy, now a family-theme series called "Pamilya Roces." 

The patriarch of the Roces clan is Rodolfo played by Roi Vinzon. He is rich, easily tempted, and the founder of Roces Group of Companies. Oh, and he is also the root cause of this entire family drama.

Making the series more interesting is The Legal Family, headed by Miss Universe 1969 Ms. Gloria Diaz as Natalia Austria-Roces, Rodolfo’s wife. She is beautiful, sophisticated and a former model who came from a well-off family. Natalia has a very supportive sister, Camilla Austria, played by Snooky Serna. Camilla is kind, down-to-earth and treats Rodolfo’s stepchildren well. Rodolfo has two beautiful daughters. His eldest is Crystal Rose Roces-Javellana, played by top Kapuso actress, Carla Abellana. She has always been independent and is being groomed to be the next CEO of their company. Her greatest fear is not living up to people’s expectations, especially of her father’s. Kapuso It Girl Gabbi Garcia plays Jade Roces, the younger daughter. Spoiled, and very self-absorbed, she is a famous social media influencer and her personality often clashes with her father.

Rodolfo’s Second Family is composed of Violet Bolocboc, played by Elizabeth Oropesa, a former kontesera who became a backup dancer. She will later on use her daughter, Amber Bolocboc, played by Sophie Albert to get a larger share of Rodolfo’s wealth. Amber Bolocboc was the result of her parents’ one night stand. She is the main contra vida in Crystal’s life both in power and in love.

Playing equally vital roles are the members of The Third Family: Ana Roces as Lily Renacia, Rodolfo’s true love and the mother of Pearl and Amethyst; Shaira Diaz as Amethyst Roces. She is the youngest “sister” who is charming, smart, clingy and sweet to Rodolfo; and versatile actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith in her very first Kapuso role as Pearl Renacia. She is technically not a Roces, but she’s creative, clever, and not afraid to stand up for what is right, especially for her half-sister, Amethyst.

So without further talk, let's all watch the full uncut trailer of "Pamilya Roces" and its OST sung by Maricris Garcia shown during the show's grand mediacon:

And of course, meet the casts of this exciting TV series:

Joining the powerhouse ensemble are the men in the Roces Family: Rocco Nacino is Hugo Javellana, Crystal’s cariñosong husband who is currently one of the family company’s executives. He and Amber will have a secret affair; Andre Paras is Gareth Austria, Camilla’s adopted son. He is handsome, smart, and often avoids any sort of conflict with anyone. Eventually, he and Pearl will fall in love with each other.

Adding fun and excitement in the series are the allies of the Roces Family; Christian Bautista is Ralph Gomez, the Roces family’s trusted lawyer. He’s a good listener and confidante, especially to Crystal whom he secretly has feelings for; Mika Dela Cruz as Donnatela Rosales, Jade’s best friend who is also an influencer oozing with confidence and loves being the center of attention; Manolo Pedrosa as Gil Figueroa, a budding photographer who pursues Jade but gets rejected. 

Under the direction of Joel Lamangan, "Pamilya Roces" is set to hit the primetime this Monday, October 8, 2018 replacing the timeslot of "Inday Will Alway Love You."  What can you say about this new Kapuso TV series? 10/06/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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