Glaiza De Castro Reveals the Challenges of Playing the Character of "Liway"

Kapuso actress Glaiza De Castro always creates a remarkable character on every projects she worked with. Well, who among you didn't know the characters of Glazilda, Pirena, and Contessa? Yes, all of them were played by no other than Ms. Glaiza De Castro.

Now in the movie scene, Glaiza portrays the character of "Liway!" Who is Liway? Yeah, she is a brave mother who survived the challenges of the Martial Law years. And just like her previous roles on TV, Glaiza once more created a buzz on the big screen via this remarkable character. And that is why the movie "Liway" now turns into a big hit.

"Liway" is an official entry to the 2018 Cinemalaya film festival. She is shooting for this movie while at the same time taping for her afternoon soap "Contessa."

During the exclusive blogcon of Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Rocco for "Liway," Glaiza revealed the challenges of portraying the character of Contessa and Liway at the same time. Did you know that Glaiza need to change the color of her hair from blonde to black and back to blonde because she is shooting for "Contessa" and "Liway" at the same time?

Well, here are our full live video coverage during Glaiza and Rocco's blogcon for the said rerun of the movie where they revealed interesting facts about the film and exciting behind-the-scenes which viewers didn't yet known:


Here's more of Glaiza and Rocco's cool conversation:


"Liway" is actually the fourth time together of Glaiza and Rocco in one film. As they say, "sanay na sanay na sila sa isa't isa at wala nang ilangan sa mga eksena habang ginagawa nila 'ung movie."

More exclusive profile photos of Glaiza and Rocco below:

Glaiza Needs to Cut Her Hair Short for "Liway"

Glaiza De Castro and Dominic Rocco Already in Their 4TH Movie Together

"Liway" turns to be the highest grossing 2018 Cinemalaya film. It also becomes a top trending topic in the world wide web. People who already watched this during the actual Cinemalaya schedule praised the movie with a patriotic standing ovation. Therefore the film had its rerun in theaters just this October 10, 2018.

Aside from its rerun, more and more block screenings were set for "Liway." Viewers truly showed their full support because this is not only a political movie, but another woman empowerment film which showcased the great acting stint of its lead cast.

After you watch the movie, feel free to express your thoughts and opinion about this. Once more congrats Glaiza for success of your new project! 10/11/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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