Raymond Bagatsing's Private Video: True or Hoax?!

Hunk actor Raymond Bagatsing is now trending in the world wide web. It's not because of his recently concluded ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye "Pusong Ligaw" wherein he played the character of the antagonist Jaime. But, it's because of his alleged private video which started in Twitter.  

Raymond eventually becomes the talk of the netizens and digital media after the spread of his alleged sexy video showing him playing his private part. Netizens compared the body of the one in the video to him since they have the same built and hairy. Even the facial feature of the man in the video is closely similar to him.  

Well, below are the photos of Raymond's body he posted on his official Instagram account:

Now, here is the thumbnail of the face and the body of the man in the video playing his private part:

Can you see the similarities?! If you were able to watch the said video, will you conclude that he is really Raymond Bagatsing or just his lookalike?!

Press people were currently asking Raymond about this. But until now, Raymond didn't commented on the issue.

But one thing is sure, people who already watched the video were all satisfied seeing his very 'big' property! Yeah, it's such a 'King Size!' 02/13/2018 (TV Series Craze)

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