Watch: Kiko Estrada's Sexy Transformation as Ravena in "Mulawin Vs Ravena"

If you think only Derrick Monasterio has the right to expose his yummy abs and sexy body as the Mulawin Almiro in the GMA hit primetime TV series "Mulawin Vs Ravena," think again çause his rival is about to compete him in terms of sexiness!

Kiko Estrada, the rival of Derrick in the series who is playing the antagonist Rafael finally revealed his sexy body! In the recent episode, Rafael's true identity was revealed! Yes, he is a Ravema, the enemies of the Mulawins. 

And just like Almiro, Rafael transformed into a hot topless half-bird, half-human creature!

Well, here are two of Kiko Estrada's video clips showing his sexy transformation:

Now the battle is fair - one-on-one on Almiro versus Rafael! Who do you think is sexier between the two?! Who's your bet between Rafael and Almiro?!

This gonna be another hot fight on air! Let's wait and see on the coming days! 07/26/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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