Newest Asianovelas "Legend of the Blue Sea" and "Goblin" Premiere Strong on Philippine TV

The Korean drama fever is definitely back in the country as ABS-CBN premiered last Monday (May 8) two of the biggest Koreanovelas of 2016 — “Goblin” and “Legend of the Blue Sea”— that not only scored high in national TV ratings, but also dominated Twitter trends nationwide and even worldwide.

“Goblin,” starring international Korean star Gong Yoo, instantly captivated viewers, hitting a national TV rating of 12.1% compared to its rival program, which only scored 6.1%. The episode’s official hashtag #GoblinOnABSCBN also trended on Twitter worldwide as fans shared positive feedback about the show’s top caliber production.

“One of the series with the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and breathtaking cinematography,” said @CHEONSONGYI.

“I just watched #GoblinOnAbsCbn and it’s really good, especially the effects. I am already excited for tomorrow’s episode,” shared @soowon27.

Netizens also praised ABS-CBN for a job well done when it comes to dubbing.

“Superb dubbing and cinematography #GoblinOnABSCBN,” said @Tonyyang_Yoong.

“Kudos to the voices behind the dubbing of #GoblinOnAbsCbn. You did justice,” expressed @xyziia.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho’s much-awaited TV comeback also debuted strongly as “Legend of the Blue Sea” scored a national TV rating of 15.5% versus its rival program’s 11.8%.

The show also created buzz on social media and made it to the top trending topics on Twitter Philippines. Some netizens were enticed to watch the show for the first time while some already watched the drama a couple of times.

“It’s really beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot. I am glad that I have something to look forward to again every afternoon #Legendofthebluesea,” said @khatpelz.

“Still got the goosebumps even though I already watched the series online. It’s like watching a movie!” tweeted @jose_singh69.

Some netizens, on the other hand, shared how they miss seeing Lee Min Ho on TV.

“Lee Min Ho is still one of the most gorgeous faces. That’s why I miss him!” said @chel_mercurio.

“OMG I missed Lee Min Ho. I’ll definitely watch out for this show. He’s so gwapo!” shared @jayannemabuti06.

Join the Korean drama fever and watch “Legend of the Blue Sea,” weekday afternoons after “The Better Half,” and “Goblin,” weeknights, after “A Love to Last” only on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN. For updates, like on Facebook or follow @KapamilyaNovela on Twitter. You can also catch up by watching the show’s past episodes via 05/10/2017 (TV Series Craze)

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