GMA's "Little Nanay" Depicts Good Family Values

GMA-7 pioneers another feel-good teleserye on primetime which emphasizes good family values and shares inspiring story to the viewers. This is "Little Nanay" which combines the great actors of the county from the different generations. Veteran stars namely Bembol Rocco, Eddie Garcia, Christopher De Leon,  and the superstar Ms. Nora Aunor shared acting stints with the younger generations like Mark Herras, Hiro Magallona, Juancho Trivino, Paolo Contis, Chlaui Malayao, Rafa Siquion-Reyna, and Kris Bernal. The other generation of stars namely Keempee De Leon, Sunshine Dizon, and Gladys Reyes also comprised the lead cast members.    

Kris Bernal gives a breakthrough performance on this TV series as she plays the lead role of Tinay, a woman with a syndrome called ID - a mental disease wherein a person acts younger than his normal age. As they say, ''isip bata"  in all the aspects of his life.

Watching each episode of this TV series every night, we appreciate the acting of Kris. She deserves a well-round of applause and an acting award portraying the character of Tinay. She already moved from her comfort zone. Her portrayal is really convincing, "parang totoo!" This is actually Kris' most challenging role so far. 

Great also to see the veteran stars Nora Aunor, Bembol Rocco, and Eddie Garcia return on the small screen. The superstar Nora and Bembol play Tinay's lolay and loloy. They take good care of Tinay and give unconditional love to their only girl despite her condition. Nora's acting in this series is truly unfaded, "walang kupas noon at ngayon." The acting that we can say "tatak Nora Aunor!" This is also the reunion of Nora and Bembol after the indie film "Thy Womb." Eddie on the other hand is effective in portraying the rich real grandfather of Tinay reminding us of his character before as Pres. Leandro in 2003's GMA hit teleserye "Kung Mawawala Ka."

Christopher De Leon makes a guest appearance in the series playing the lawyer of Archie (Hiro Magallona) who took away Chiechie from Tinay.

The family of Tinay, the Batongbuhay family depicts a typical Filipino family with good moral values. Though they were not that rich, they manage to be happy and live a simple life with love.

Aside from the loving loloy and lolay, Tinay's two elder brothers Mark Herras and Juancho Trivino are also there to protect their 'little' sister. I love the attack of Mark and Juancho on their respective characters. It has a touch of humor and comedy lighting up the story. 

Meanwhile, this TV series also paves way to the discovery of GMA's new child star in the person of Chlaui Malayao. In the story, she is Chiechie, the daughter of Tinay and Archie.

My favorite scenes in this teleserye are the song number of Tinay and Chiechie and the cooking scene of Tinay and her brother Bruce (Mark) because these scenes showed the best performance of Kris having an intellectual disorder. I also love the court scenes when the court decided to give the child custody of Chiechie to her father Archie. This was the most dramatic scene I've seen on TV! We truly felt the emotions!

This TV series is truly an inspiring teleserye today. It showcases the unconditional love of mother to her children. Even though the mother has a disorder, still the love she gives to her child is equal to the love a normal mother gives to her child. Such an eye-opener to the society! Kudos GMA-7 for giving us another breakthrough Primetime TV series like this!

Catch "Little Nanay" weeknights in GMA Telebabad right after "24 Oras!" (TV Series Craze)

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