TV5 Remakes "Baker King," Mark Neumann in the Title Role!

Do you still remember the hit Koreanovela "Baker King," aired by GMA-7 in their Telebabad block last 2011?!

Well, this year, TV5 had its own Pinoy adaptation of this hit Korean TV series airing on Primetime starting this Monday.

What was loved by millions of fans all over Asia takes on a distinct Pinoy flavor as TV5 proudly presents the first-ever Philippine adaptation of the popular and well-loved Korean series, Baker King. Bound to captivate the hearts of viewers is TV5’s very own ‘Kilig Prince’ Mark Neumann, now in the title role of this much-anticipated primetime series – the biggest break in his career to date.

Originally launched in South Korea in 2010, Baker King became a big hit in the Philippines when it aired in 2011. This year, viewers will see the drama series in a new light with Mark Neumann portraying the iconic character of Takgu. Given his successful portrayal of his roles in WATTPAD PRESENTS’ “Mr Popular Meets Ms Nobody Books 1 and 2”, “I’m in Love with a Dota Player” and “The Magic in You”, Mark is sure to render his own charm and endear himself to viewers as the new Baker King. Starring alongside Mark in this upcoming TV5 primetime series is his love team partner and fellow Artista Academy finalist, Shaira Mae.

Directed by Mac Alejandre, TV5’s “Baker King” presents the story of how a simple boy overcomes various obstacles and achieve his dreams in life through sheer determination and perseverance. Takgu (Mark Neumann) is an illegitimate son of President Johnny Lee (Raymond Bagatsing), an affluent businessman who runs the family enterprise Lee Han Seong Bread Factory. Raised solely by his mother Sonya (Diana Zubiri), Takgu was brought to the Lee household when he was just 10 years old so he could have a better life and also to be introduced to the Lee matriarch, Lee Hye Yeong (Boots Anson Roa). Takgu’s stay in the Lee household was cut short when he had to run away and look for his mother who was kidnapped through the secret orders of the wife of President Lee, Irene (Jackie Lou Blanco). From then on, Takgu grew up in the streets as an orphan determined to find his missing mother. Takgu’s efforts of finding his mother will lead him to a bakery school where he meets Sunshine (Shaira Mae), who will become an important part of his life. When he learns the devastating news that his mother is already dead, Takgu decides to stay in the bakery school and learn the art of baking under the tutelage of Master Javier (Joonee Gamboa), the same master who taught President Lee how to become a good baker. In the bakery school, Takgu meets his half-brother Michael (Akihiro Blanco), who is determined to win the approval of their father and prove that he is the rightful heir to their family business. Michael competes with Takgu not only for their father’s attention but also for the heart of Takgu’s childhood love, Eunice (Inah Estrada). Find out if Takgu will still be able to find his place in the Lee family or if Irene and Henry (Yul Servo), assistant of President Lee, will succeed in their scheme to rob Takgu off his inheritance. 

Completing the powerhouse cast of this newest primetime series are Allan Paule, Ian de Leon, Malak So Shdifat, and Nicole Estrada.

Follow the journey and struggles of Takgu every night as he works his way to becoming the best baker in the country on Baker King, airing Monday to Friday at 9:30pm, starting this May 18, exclusively on TV5. (TV Series Craze)

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