Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga Finally Pairs Up in the Movie!

FALL in love all over again this Valentine’s as Star Cinema, on its 20th anniversary, presents Starting Over Again – an Olivia Lamasan film featuring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga in their much-awaited first big-screen team up.

Since it kicked-off its 20th anniversary celebration, Star Cinema has produced and offered an eclectic line-up of quality films that celebrate the beautiful diversity of Pinoy life. The anniversary of Star Cinema will never be complete without a movie by Olivia Lamasan who is arguably one of the most accomplished master storytellers of the iconic film outfit. Starting Over Again is Lamasan’s 11th movie with Star Cinema and the film once again showcases her brilliance as one of the country’s most respected directors whose unmatched body of work consists of unforgettable storylines and realistic characters that have all been rightfully canonized as certified Filipino motion picture classics.

Starting Over Again is a different kind of love story as it takes the huge risk of debunking the prevailing notion that for every romantic film, everything should end-up happily ever after for its characters. The film aims to communicate the fact that every choice in life has a rippling effect that one must inevitably accept and not everyone is blessed with a second chance to love.

Starting Over Again is centered on Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) and Marco (Piolo Pascual) who are former lovers with a major unfinished business to settle in their relationship.

This is the highly anticipated film collaboration between Piolo and Toni who are two of the biggest stars of ABS-CBN. Piolo and Toni worked together 13 years ago in a popular TV commercial where Piolo was the object of a young Toni’s desires. Toni’s famous line, which she shouted to the top of her lungs, “I love you Piolo” remains to be one of the most infectious taglines ever delivered in the history of Philippine advertising.

Since the run of their TVC, Piolo and Toni pursued their individual careers. Piolo continued his prodigious acting career as “Ultimate Leading Man” of the industry. He is a multi-awarded actor and one of the country’s top product endorsers. Piolo appeared in some of the finest Filipino films ever made and his most recent achievement is his superb performance in the film OJT. Toni on the other hand, metamorphosed from an aspiring young actress to being a Box-Office Queen of Philippine movies. Today, Toni has a huge and powerful fan-base and she is regarded as The Ultimate Multi-Media Star who has conquered not only the movies but television and music as well.    

In Starting Over Again the wait is finally over, as Piolo and Toni reunite for the very first time in a long overdue romantic comedy.

Can love be rekindled after much pain and heartache? Is there such a thing as true love and destiny? When is a relationship worth saving? Discover all the answers in this upcoming romantic comedy. Starting Over Again is showing nationwide in all cinemas this Valentine. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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