Kontrabida of the Year - The 4TH TV Series Craze Awards 2013 (Nominees)

Without kontrabida or antagonist in the story, the life of your favorite bida will not as colorful or as challenging as expected! Yes, villains in every teleserye add twist and spice in the story plot. Without them, the TV series we avidly watch will be a little bit dull or boring!  

For this year, some of the actors vying for the title of Kontrabida of the Year here in our very own 4TH TV Series Craze Awards are Angel Aquino of "Apoy Sa Dagat," Kaye Abad  of "Annaliza," Roi Vinzon of "My Husband's Lover,"  Charee Pineda of "Akin Pa Rin ang Bukas,"  Vivian Velez of "Maria Mercedes,"  and KC Concepcion, Tirso Cruz III, and Sam Milby all from "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala!" Who do you think among them will be hailed as the Kontrabida of the Year?! Who among them really made your blood boiled?! And who among them showed their best acting stint making the life of the bida miserable?! 

Well, start casting your votes and share your feeling to your favorite kontrabida! Here they are:

Of course, if you think your bet kontrabida is not on our list, you are free to put on your choice! Vote now and support your favorite! Voting closes this December 31, 2013. (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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