2013 Year Ender: The Year of Controversial Showbiz Breakups!

2013 seems a not so good year for celebrity couples! In this year, many showbiz couples got separated breaking their former sweet relationship.

One of the controversial showbiz couples who broke up this year were Nikki Gil and Billy Joe Crawford. They ended their almost 5 long-year relationship. Billy graced an interview crying with a famous line saying "I need to find myself!" Many speculations rose about the real reason for the breakup. Some said it was a third party! Other rumors spread that it was a question of Billy's gender! Others pinpointed that they were Andi Eigenmann  and Coleen Garcia who caused the breakup. Nikki on the other hand kept silent about the issue.

Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes became controversial this year when they became a couple! Fresh from respective breakups from ex-partners Angelica Panganiban and Rayver Cruz, people got shocked when Derek and Cristine announced their brewing romance which started from friendship! What more, it was more shocking to hear when the two announced their breakup after a month-long relationship!

Another members of the showbiz breakup bandwagon were Jennylyn Mercado and Luis Manzano. The real reason for their breakup was still unclear. Others said, it was Jennylyn's ex-boyfriend Dennis Trillo the cause of split up! 

Another couple who broke up this year with an unidentified reason were Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband. We all thought that the Angel-Phil romance will ended at the altar making the two a perfect husband and wife! But people got surprised knowing that the two were already departed ways! Angel confirmed their breakup in the social microblogging site Twitter where their relationship started! According to the two, it was a mutual decision!
Completing the showbiz breakup for this year were the married couples Claudine Barretto-Raymart Santiago and Cesar Montano-Sunshine Cruz. Their breakup reached the court! Their split ups even involved their family and children. Court orders were also issued for them to manage their separations. A third party on the side of Cesar was pinpointed as the reason of the Cesar-Sunshine separation while a psychological issue on the side of Claudine caused the split of Claudine-Raymart knot!

What do you think why many couples got separated in 2013? Who other celebrities not mentioned above do you think departed ways last 2013?! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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