Thalia's Message and Blessings to Jessy Mendiola!

Thalia, the Queen of Mexican Telenovela personally blessed and gave her message to Jessy Mendiola, the actress who will portray the character of our very own "Maria Mercedez."

Check out the screenshots of Thalia's video call message to Jessy: 

Mexican superstar Thalia surprised advertisers during the recent ABS-CBN trade event when she appeared on screen and wished young actress Jessy Mendiola good luck in reprising her iconic role for the upcoming Pinoy adaptation of hit 90s telenovela "Maria Mercedes."

"Thank you to Jessy. All the luck in the world. You’re going to make an amazing job. All the production and all the cast, good luck in Maria Mercedes," said Thalia via a taped Skype interview for the current affairs show "Tapatan ni Tunying."

Jessy is the third actress to play a "Maria" role among Thalia's Maria-seryes on Philippine television. She is the only one endorsed by Thalia herself.

"I'm really thankful. I feel blessed and lucky to be chosen to play Maria Mercedes. Thalia is so nice and beautiful. I'm so happy she gave me her blessing. I'm absolutely inspired to do my best to portray Maria Mercedes," said Jessy.

But before the surprise video, Jessy first sizzled the stage as she performed the theme song of "Maria Mercedes," which she also sang and recorded, for the very first time together with her leading men Jake Cuenca and Jason Abalos.

ABS-CBN also gave advertisers a glimpse of what to expect from the show by premiering the full trailer of "Maria Mercedes" directed by Chito Rono.

Watch out for Jessy and Thalia's full encounter with Anthony Taberna very soon in "Tapatan ni Tunying." "Maria Mercedes" also airs very soon on ABS-CBN. (

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